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sports handicapper

sports handicapper 

» Saturday I went 1-1. 42-24 last 66 release's. Lets get a Winner today in CBB. {(70-46 ATS this Football Season) (86-44 ATS this Basketball Season)}.

» Monday I add a winner to my Record. I am releasing a Guarantee Profit tonight or NCAAB Season free. Get my Campus Games today. April 8th you Can Count on my  play to cover. Collect Tonight and Lets Bring down your bookies this week again!! I have a Game tonight that makes this a Monster Week.

»Last year lets not forget the 63-52 Record in NCAAF & 83-56 record in Basketball

»See why Off Campus Capping is the Favorite amongst the country

»You can Be a Winner this Season too

» Tip off is at 9:00 pm EST; Must win or NCAAB season free

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 Basketball Season Package

 30 Day Pass

 1 Week of Plays

 Two Month Pass

 Basketball/Football Season Package

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